The skills you need to make good hiring decisions

Hiring the Right Staff is an interactive and engaging self-paced, online course that covers the entire hiring process and gives you valuable tools, techniques and resources to hire effectively. It takes you through the hiring process and provides examples, opportunity to evaluate scenarios, and challenges your thinking so upon completing you’ll be able to hire better team members for your organization.

This is a course on performance based financial management for the transit industry. It reviews all the tools of accounting from chart of accounts to income statements to budgets and performance measures and applies them to transit. It discusses how federal guidelines are incorporated into transit finance and how to do a better job at grant management. This course assumes some knowledge in accounting. The format is present information, test your understanding and then apply it. This interaction makes the course engaging, memorable and fun. Check it out!

Community Transportation Association of America's (CTAA) Community Supervisory Training has long been taught by Mike Noel in the classroom. There is a lot of content to cover in basic supervisory training, so an online version has been added to the course curriculum. This is an 8 module course with two comprehensive exercises to complete. This online course has two objectives; 1. to give everyone attending the in-person class some common background or 2. for those not able to attend the classroom portion, it’s an excellent source of information on how to improve your supervisor.